Práce při rodičovské dovolené: Pár příběhů, kde se to daří

V tomto článku s vámi sdílíme pár tipů, které se nám ve Y Softu osvědčily při spolupráci se zaměstnanci na rodičovské dovolené. Tipy se můžou hodit jak rodičům, tak týmům, které se na podobnou spolupráci připravují. Dozvíte se, jak spolupráci nastavit, jak zajistit hladkou komunikaci, a které zádrhely mohou ze začátku nastat.
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On the same page: Our Hiring Training

If there’s one thing all recruiters and hiring managers will agree on it’s the importance of being on the same page. It’s incredibly frustrating, messy, and time-consuming not being in sync with each other around best hiring practices. Naturally, the more people involved in the hiring process, the more diverse the opinions are about how to do it. To make this a much easier process we have designed new hiring training. Since our R&D department is manager-less, all of our engineers are involved with the hiring process. Making the challenge of ‘being in sync’ quite an ambitious goal. The training feedback has been really positive, so it’s now time for us to share what we created with you. You can use this information as inspiration, or as a foundation for building your own training.
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Portrait photo of Lukáš Konečný

Lukáš Konečný: Investment is only the beginning

Y Soft Ventures Partner Lukáš Konečný appeared in the Late Collection list of Forbes magazine at the beginning of the year. He narrowly missed out on a spot in the famous 30 under 30 list by one year. Internally, Lukáš has been leading our list of exceptional YSofters for the fifth year in a row. Working closely with Miloš Sochor, he runs Y Soft Ventures, the investment platform at Y Soft. They take care of the development and support of a number of interesting startups. Lukáš says he doesn't know exactly why he made it onto the prestigious Forbes rankings (although he may be keeping it a secret from us). Here you can read all about what he does and you can work out why it attracted the attention of the editors at Forbes.
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Manager-less RnD How to Promote People

Manager-less RnD: How to Promote People

It’s been more than two years since we threw the gambit of having manager-less R&D. Now we’d love to share with you a couple of lessons we learned on this journey. Figuring out promotions in the flat structure wasn’t anywhere close to the biggest obstacles of the transformation. However, it’s something we’re getting a lot of questions about. So here goes!
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