From Blank Canvas to Y Soft Wall Gallery

Y Soft headquarters building

Y Soft’s headquarters building in Brno, with its colorful mural on its façade, certainly doesn’t look like any other headquarters building I know. Are those random symbols or hidden messages? I always say that buildings are like people: They too have their own story to tell. So, let me tell you a story of the Y Soft building.

Some of you might know that the Y Soft’s headquarters building was originally a Honeywell manufacturing facility. In 2012, thanks to the Projektil Architects, it was transformed for Y Soft into modern offices in just three months! New open-air atriums were added at two strategic places to bring natural light and nature into the previously dark production facility. 

Interiors – atriums with trees and daylight

Part of the renovation included a façade upgrade, and this is where Y Soft stepped in with a brave, risky, and innovative idea—the Y Soft Wall Gallery. We gave five young artists an opportunity to use Y Soft’s façade as a “blank canvas.” The artists were given complete creative freedom around the broad “print only what you need” theme. If you ever wondered how naked ladies or a stump-man got onto the black and white façade graphics; this explains it. 

Old-Y-Soft-1-2.jpgOriginal black and white mural, 2012 – 2019

In 2019, we said goodbye to the black-and-white mural with its quirky creatures. It was time for a change. We approached two designers from the original group of artists—Jaromír Hárovník and Ondřej Šorm who are now with the Prague graphic design studio Very Popular Office. This time, to get our artists inspired and excited, we gave them a different theme: “Global.” See for yourself if you can find symbols representing Y Soft’s global presence and symbols representing the countries in which we operate. And if you can’t? Don’t worry, some of us can’t either! Besides: It’s art. And art means different things to different people.

New orange and green mural, 2019 – present​

PS: Stop by our office after sunset if you like light shows. The Y Soft Wall Gallery comes alive each evening with a video projection created in cooperation with Lumitrix, one of Y Soft Ventures’ portfolio companies.