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Jiří Kopuletý
Inside Sales Specialist
Sales • Brno
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From work to lectures and back 
It feels good to offer people products and services that solve their problems and make their job easier. I have always enjoyed working with numbers and analytics and felt that I was gravitating towards sales. Applying for the Business Economy program at the Brno University of Technology was a logical choice for me. I was just one step away from becoming a salesman. Quite literally, as the Y Soft headquarters happen to be right next to the university campus! In the summer of 2019, I received an internship working as a Sales Intern. During the first year, I was going back and forth between the office and attending lectures. In that year, I learned so much that it no longer made sense for me to prolong my time in school and study for a master's degree. After achieving my bachelor's degree, I signed up to Y Soft as a full-time Inside Sales Specialist. I have no regrets. It’s now my third year working at Y Soft and there is so much more I want to do here. It’s great!
Jiří on the office terrace browsing through his notebook
Moving forward with the team support
Y Soft really grew on me. After all the things I have already learned here, I still enjoy exploring everything that sales has to offer. Currently, I’m working with our partners in the Middle East, Africa, Balkan, and Italy. I enjoy working with people from around the world and it would be even better to meet them in person. My career plan is to move up and become a fully-fledged salesman who gets to travel to visit their clients. My team is fully supportive of my career ambitions, for which I am very grateful. 
Jiří in the conference room with his colleagues
Not afraid of change
Having an open-minded approach and support of change are just two of the things which are really great about Y Soft. No one is scared to challenge the status quo and it’s impossible to fall into a boring routine. However, not all change is easy. I would say that the biggest challenge for me is when there are changes in our team. Just recently, my first boss left the company, and it was difficult to adapt to that initially. I like to create long-term bonds with people, so getting familiar with the new team was not easy. But my new colleagues are amazing and there are many new things we can learn from each other.
Jiří in the office browsing on his laptop
Fresh air to clear the head
When I’m not working, I enjoy doing sports. Mostly running. I never used to be a runner with a routine, but when I was studying for my finals, being outside really helped me clear my mind. Over time, walking turned into running. Recently, I have added swimming and now also badminton into the mix. After finishing school, I realized I miss studying and self-education, so I started reading again. I mostly read fiction, Norwegian detective stories, and self-improvement books. Basically, anything interesting. From time to time I also enjoy a good hike in the mountains. 
Jiří with a backpack on a hike

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