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Our goal is not smaller than becoming #1 company in Print management business, and we are looking for new colleagues who will help us to accomplish the goal. Our R&D has a mature process for secure development. Security practices are integral part of our development processes and involve threat modeling, security questionnaires, security checklists, static/dynamic analysis and security review. 

We are looking either for an application security specialist with passion for engineering or a Java / .NET engineer with passion for application security. Together with our engineers, you´ll contribute to development goals by performing all security-related activities. 


Each of the existing teams independently works on delivery of a product increment in required quality usually spanning over different subsystems mostly written in C# and Java. As this endeavour needs to be supported by security related activities your daily tasks will include: 
  • Delivery of security features 
  • Help to your team with threat modelling 
  • Continuous education of colleagues about security through trainings 
  • Providing security related consultations to R&D, Customer Support Departments and customers directly 
  • Help to your team to process results from penetration tests 
  • Maintenance of existing security tools (e.g., SonarQube, OWASP Dependency Check) and examination and integration of new tools 
  • Explanation and help to resolve findings from SonarQube and OWASP Dependency Check 
  • Making sure that delivered increments fulfill security part of Definition of Done 


We are looking for Security Engineers of different level of seniority (Junior, Medior or Senior), who have:   
  • Experience with secure coding and secure design 
  • Experience with development (Java or C#) 
  • Ability to identify possibilities for improvement and drive required changes 
  • Ability to openly and clearly communicate including providing and receiving feedback 
  • Teamwork mindset 


If you join Y Soft, you can look forward to friendly working environment where people appreciate initiative, accountability, enthusiasm, energy, openness and ethical behavior. Y Soft supports engineering communities by organizing or attending meetups and conferences, extensively cooperates with local universities on thesis supervision and teaching. 
  • 30 days of vacation, 3 sick days
  • Flexible working hours, home office
  • Dog-friendly office
  • Quarterly bonuses, employee stock options
  • Free personal use of 3D printers
  • Language education support
  • Family club, contribution to kindergarten fee
  • Meal vouchers
  • Daily fresh fruit / vegetables at work
  • Community breakfast every Friday

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