Site Reliability Engineer

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Marek Haládik

We're seeking a Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) team member with on-call duties to manage and oversee our SAFEQ Cloud print services hosted on AWS. This new colleague will play a critical role in ensuring system reliability, infusing SRE principles into the company culture and processes, and responding to system emergencies in a 24/7 setup.


  • Monitor and manage the SAFEQ Cloud print service, ensuring high availability and reliability within the AWS environment.
  • Develop and implement tools and practices for automating routine tasks to improve system scalability and resilience.
  • Set up alerts and monitoring metrics for proactive identification and mitigation of system issues.
  • Participate in capacity planning and performance tuning to enhance system performance.
  • Collaborate with software engineering teams to ensure seamless deployment, efficient trouble-resolution, and effective crisis management.
  • Conduct root cause analysis following system incidents - post mortems; define corrective actions and preventative measures.
  • Education and Training: Act as an educator and advocate for SRE best practices. Train and mentor cross-functional teams in SRE principles.
Y Soft office building


  • Fluent English, good communication skills.
  • Experience in an SRE role.
  • Proficiency with AWS and its various services and resources.
  • Solid understanding of the software development life cycle, CI/CD pipelines.
  • Problem-solving skills, with the ability to think systematically.
  • Knowledge of networking, security, and database systems.
  • Availability for on-call duties in a 24/7 setup.

What you can expect:

  • A very open and honest environment with a startup feel
  • Opportunities to continuously learn and apply what you already know 
  • Become part of a self-sufficient team 
  • 30 days of vacation
  • Many internal activities organized by YSofters for YSofters (Y4Y) 
  • Opportunities to stand out from the crowd—if you want to speak at a meetup or organize the next session of our regular lunch & stories, Y Soft will support you! 

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