For students
We give the utmost priority to those who long to gain work experience and valuable knowledge during their studies. Interested?
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We offer internships and part-time jobs that won't come at the expense of your studies. At Y Soft, you can gain practical experience in your field of studies, while writing your research paper. And when you're done writing? We'll be eager to hear more about your findings! Who knows, maybe your idea will become our next product; it has definitely happened before. 
Switch to CZ language for a list of thesis research topic ideas in Czech. If you don't speak Czech, don't despair. Send us an email briefly describing your specialization, and we'll figure out the research topic together. 

ARUR is a real opportunity for students

Not just empty promises but real career experience! Our Applied Research and University Relations (ARUR) programs offer students premium opportunities for growth during their studies. We give students a chance to try out their skills in practice. Students can complete complex tasks and have the space to develop their own innovations, gaining priceless experience and real know-how.

Marketing Intern
Dear passionate graphic designers and art students, we want you!