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Barbora Peřinová
Software Engineer
R&D • Brno
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From school, straight to robots
Y Soft was recommended to me by a friend from university. I joined the robotics team as a Robot Operator.  It sounds fascinating doesn’t it but believe me, the word fascinating is an understatement!  My diploma simply couldn't be about anything else than about the OCR function for our robotic system.

After graduation, I was offered a full-time job as a Software Engineer and I continued working with the Y Soft robotics team. I was lucky to have started my career at Y Soft. We roboteers, as the other YSofters call us, are a team made up of almost entirely university graduates, so you can imagine that our work is one big ride in the world of artificial intelligence.
Despite obstacles
In my free time, I regularly participate in obstacle course races (similar to a Spartan race). I play board games, I am interested in socionics, downhill skiing and I like working out at the gym a couple of times a week.

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