Internship at Y Soft: The student’s view

15 July 2021
Valuing their passion, drive, and fresh perspective, Y Soft is open and welcoming to students and interns. Many students link their final thesis to the projects they are involved with during their time at Y Soft, and many continue as full-time employees with us. Our HQ is close to the university campus in Brno, so it’s an easy transition. To give you an idea of what it’s really like to work for us while studying, we asked interns Michal and Kristýna about their experience.
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Teaching UX Design: There and Back Again

9 December 2020
Our three-part series of articles about teaching long-term UX course is getting close to the finish line. In the first article of the series, we told the story of how and why we designed a UX design course. In the second article, we highlighted the key concepts and ideas our students learned during the 11 weeks we spent together. And now the time has come for our final installment: The one where we describe how it went and, most importantly, how we dealt with the few unexpected aha! moments of teaching that we encountered during the course.
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From Blank Canvas to Y Soft Wall Gallery

20 January 2021
Y Soft’s headquarters building in Brno, with its colorful mural on its façade, certainly doesn’t look like any other headquarters building I know. Are those random symbols or hidden messages? I always say that buildings are like people: They too have their own story to tell. So, let me tell you a story of the Y Soft building.
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Hiring and onboarding from a distance

22 April 2021
The last year has changed how we do many things, including the way employers recruit and onboard new staff. Moving away from face-to-face meetings, recruiters and hiring managers are assessing candidates remotely. Similarly, onboarding new staff has moved beyond an in-person greeting with a warm handshake, with new starters unable to meet everyone in the office during their first few days. Familiarizing new employees in their new role, helping them get to know colleagues and processes, has taken on a new look and feel. Ensuring that new staff do not feel isolated in their own home offices has become a priority. Collaboration and onboarding tools are now a necessity.
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