Manager-less R&D: Performance and predictability through the roof

13 September 2021
Nineteen months ago, we decided to make a structural change in R&D and remove management positions. In May 2020 (during the COVID lockdown) we implemented it. What was our expectation back then and what is the reality now? Would I recommend this to others? What are the next steps for us in R&D? All these answers can be found in this article.
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Hiring and onboarding from a distance

22 April 2021
The last year has changed how we do many things, including the way employers recruit and onboard new staff. Moving away from face-to-face meetings, recruiters and hiring managers are assessing candidates remotely. Similarly, onboarding new staff has moved beyond an in-person greeting with a warm handshake, with new starters unable to meet everyone in the office during their first few days. Familiarizing new employees in their new role, helping them get to know colleagues and processes, has taken on a new look and feel. Ensuring that new staff do not feel isolated in their own home offices has become a priority. Collaboration and onboarding tools are now a necessity.
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Internship at Y Soft: The student’s view

15 July 2021
Valuing their passion, drive, and fresh perspective, Y Soft is open and welcoming to students and interns. Many students link their final thesis to the projects they are involved with during their time at Y Soft, and many continue as full-time employees with us. Our HQ is close to the university campus in Brno, so it’s an easy transition. To give you an idea of what it’s really like to work for us while studying, we asked interns Michal and Kristýna about their experience.
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5,500km with an electric vehicle. Y Soft CEO’s European EV Road Trip 2021.

1 August 2021
Y Soft CEO, Václav, is a true technology enthusiast. His latest interest is in electric vehicles. Putting this technology to the test, he is driving his Audi e-Tron 5,500KM around southern Europe. This blog series gives an insight into his road trip as Václav shares his tips and tricks as he goes along. Follow our journey and discover breathtaking historic places of interest from Italy to Greece.
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