On the same page: Our Hiring Training

21 prosince 2021
If there’s one thing all recruiters and hiring managers will agree on it’s the importance of being on the same page. It’s incredibly frustrating, messy, and time-consuming not being in sync with each other around best hiring practices. Naturally, the more people involved in the hiring process, the more diverse the opinions are about how to do it. To make this a much easier process we have designed new hiring training. Since our R&D department is manager-less, all of our engineers are involved with the hiring process. Making the challenge of ‘being in sync’ quite an ambitious goal. The training feedback has been really positive, so it’s now time for us to share what we created with you. You can use this information as inspiration, or as a foundation for building your own training.
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Internship at Y Soft: The student’s view

15 července 2021
Valuing their passion, drive, and fresh perspective, Y Soft is open and welcoming to students and interns. Many students link their final thesis to the projects they are involved with during their time at Y Soft, and many continue as full-time employees with us. Our HQ is close to the university campus in Brno, so it’s an easy transition. To give you an idea of what it’s really like to work for us while studying, we asked interns Michal and Kristýna about their experience.
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5500 km elektromobilem. Y Soft CEO na evropském EV road tripu 2021.

1 srpna 2021
Jakožto pravý technický nadšenec, náš CEO Václav se zajímá o všechny možné technologické trendy, elektromobilitu nevyjímaje. Nyní se rozhodl podrobit ji zkoušce tím, že se svým Audi eTron objede jižní a jihovýchodní Evropu. A co může být pro (evropské) léto lepší než evropský road trip? Ať už jste fanoušci elektromobility, nebo chcete jen získat zajímavé tipy pro svou příští dovolenou, sledujte seriál blogů z Václavova výletu a načerpejte inspiraci.
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Manager-less R&D: Performance and predictability through the roof

13 září 2021
Nineteen months ago, we decided to make a structural change in R&D and remove management positions. In May 2020 (during the COVID lockdown) we implemented it. What was our expectation back then and what is the reality now? Would I recommend this to others? What are the next steps for us in R&D? All these answers can be found in this article.
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Getting creative with internal events: taking teambuilding to the next level

2 prosince 2021
Every year, YSofters around the world come together to celebrate the company’s birthday. We call this annual event Scandal, we’ll let you imagine where the name came from! Pre-Covid, this was an opportunity for YSofters from all regions to meet in person, listen to our CEO’s strategic presentation, enjoy team-building activities, and have some fun.
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